Looking for ways to improve your home’s outdoor area?

Designing and improving your home’s outdoor areas might be one of the ways to relieve stress. The great thing here is, you can improve it anytime you want!

You may start from your front lawn to your back patio or from the soil below to the sky above, improving your home’s outside areas can really be a fun and exciting thing to do.

With that said, I have compiled 7 helpful ways to help you have an idea on how to improve your home’s outdoor area.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

1.Do a General Clean Up

The very first thing to do when you’re planning to improve your outdoor area is to do a general clean up. A great effort of cleaning up can show priceless beneficial results, plus, it’s easy to do. Isn’t it?

You may start your general clean up by removing dead weeds or plants. Throwing out pieces of broken pots, and any other junks. After which you may opt to trim the bushes and shrubs if you have it on your yard.

Often forgotten, it’s well worth getting a professional to give your roof a good clean to remove any grime, dirt and stains, which can bring back it’s original colour and lustre.

Lastly, don’t forget to mow your lawn, this is highly advisable.

2.Have the Fencing Fixed

If you think your fence is substandard, you may need to think twice. Low-quality fencing will create a high risk of danger. You may not know when and to whom it will create a hazard.

With that said, an idea of fixing a broken fence is helpful. It will not cost you a lot since you can replace you palings for as low as 85 cents. The nice thing in here is, this will not just repair your fence, it will give a new look and feel of your outdoor as well.

Do you have asbestos fencing on your property? These can be a health risk and very unappealing to live around. Matt from Skilled Fencing notes that asbestos sheet fencing will degrade with time which can lead to substantial health risks. Using a professional who can remove this type of fencing is paramount as there are specific laws regarding the dumping of asbestos materials.

However, if you’re into replacing your fence totally, you better open it with your neighbours first. This is because some states like in South Australia, it’s in the law that neighbours are legally required to accord equally to the cost of doing basic fencing.

3.Cultivate Your Lawn

Attractive lawn can add your home’s effectiveness by around 12% and helps make your outdoor areas more pleasant and comfortable. Apart from that, grassed areas can indeed lessen the heat on a hot summer day by up to 10 degrees cooler.

If you think your lawn is looking boring, you can spice it up by giving some love through the so-called “three-pronged approach” – weed, feed, and water.

Another thing to do is you may apply a small amount of fertiliser to supply nutrient which will last for at least three months. Don’t forget to water well. Preferably you can water the plants every morning and evening. This will help promote humidity for a fungi free plant community.

4.Search for Outdoor Gallery Ideas

In improving your outdoor area, doing a garden art is a way to go as well. This will help in rejuvenating your backyard with a fresh and new look.

You can search online for a lot of outdoor gallery ideas you can try on your area.

Simply add an easy wall feature you may make on your own, but if you have a budget simple wall design’s price varies from $15-$30.

Apart from the simple wall design, you can also add a water feature design. The price starts from under $150 for a simple fountain which you may place either on the balcony or backyard.

5.Your Lawn Must be Trees-Occupied

“Trees are always a relief after people“. This simply means that you need to plant trees. Your lawn should be tree-occupied. This will surely help you to ease any feeling you may have in the future. Sounds calming, right?

Apart from that, trees bear far more than just a shade on anyone’s outdoor area. As per a study made by the University of Western Australia, trees can add up to $17,000 to a property’s value.

With that said, it is indeed worth pulling up some seedlings and adding more trees to your area.

6.The Deck Should be Revived

Don’t forget your deck timbers. You need to revive it as well, and it’s way too easy and cost-friendly.

With this, you can hire a high-pressure water cleaner to eliminate stains, allow drying, and applying decking oil. This will cost you from $20 for four litres and will cover up to 40 sq.m.

Civil safety engineer Aaron from The Contracts Engineer notes that preventative maintenance on decks can significantly improve the usable life of your desk and reduce potential safety hazards from limiting rotting and deterioration of the structural integrity of the deck.

Wanting to make a unique style choice? You can add cedar wood shingles as a roofing style for your pergola above your decking.

7.Conducive Light Is a Must

More than just a security feature it offers, lighting also showcases distinct aspects of your home’s outdoor area.

You can produce a conducive light on your outdoor area by adding a budget-friendly solar light. This can add a dramatic effect to your outdoor by the type of light it provides.

You may purchase it on any local store at a discounted rate. After which you need to hire a licensed electrician to install the wires.

For payment wise, you can expect to pay not more than $500 with a sure quality standard of lights and electrical wire instalments.

There you have it!

By just following the aforementioned ways on improving your outdoor area, you can now start anytime you want.

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