Roof Restoration Process

Find out how Best Price Roofing restores your roof

The complete roof restoration procedure in Adelaide

This meticulous roof restorations process in Adelaide will encompass multiple methods to completely update your roof. First and foremost, a thorough inspection will be undertaken by our team, to assess any potential safety issues or hazards to our team and your property. We will then specifically survey your roof, considering both areas of concern and the general condition of your roof. Any holes, cracks or broken tiles will be addressed so that the high pressure cleaning stage can occur without problems. Next, we will clean the entire surface to eradicate any moss, grit, and loose debris. Once this is completed, the surface is fresh, ready to be prepped for coating. It is paramount that the cleaning is performed methodically; otherwise the membrane will not adhere closely to the roof surface.

The next step is to repair, re-bed where necessary and re-point all ridge caps, using flexible ridge pointing compound, ensuring all ridge caps are water tight and ensuring the long term stability of the ridges and hips on the roof. Once this is done, our technicians will inspect all flashings around features such as air conditioners, flues and windows, and reseal with a flexible sealer. Now that the surface is fully sealed, the final five part stage can begin to take place. A lower pressure wash is performed to remove anything that may have landed or been carried onto the roof during the previous stages. This is in preparation for the coating, which will preserve the finish of the roof for years. The roof is also sprayed with algaecide, which kills any invisible contaminants which could develop into moss in the future. The roof is then primed to ensure perfect adhesion of the coatings. Following this, the base coat and then the top coat of the colour of your choosing is then generously applied to ensure a radiant new roof appearance. Use this exciting roof restoration venture in Adelaide as an opportunity to refine the colour palette of your property.

Effective roof restorations in Adelaide can bring a dated home into the modern day. Just like with furniture or interior design, some styles of roof are iconic of certain decades, and can drag down the appeal of your home. A restoration is often all it takes to revamp the appearance and make your home look much more classic. Trust this substantial task to the undisputed Adelaide roof restoration experts at Best Price Roofing.

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