Maintaining the quality of your roof is an often neglected, but important part of your home. The largest part of the structure of a home and visibly a significant portion of your front façade, there’s both safety and aesthetic benefits in keeping a well maintained roof.

Whether your roofline is relatively new or an older established property, there are a number of things you can do to extend the life of your roof and avoid long term costly risks.


The most common issue in Australia comes from poor drainage caused by weathering and debris build-up in drainage locations. For maintaining the health of your roof, protecting from water damage and potential fire hazards – keeping on top of this is essential. To stay on top of this risk – actively ensure you keep your guttering and drainage pipes free of debris, dirt, leaves and other waste. If this isn’t complete – water can pool and flood into the ceiling cavity, reducing the structural integrity of your home and risky roof failure. If debris is left in guttering too long – you can potentially result in sagging or rust eating through your guttering system, requiring repair or maintenance. In this case ensure you use a licenced plumbing professional to resolve this issue – otherwise you may put your existing building insurance at risk by unlicenced repairs.

Extreme Weather

Australia-wide, we have extremely varying weather patterns, these sometimes intense weather events can impact the roof structures and the integrity of the system. Whilst some damage from hail or wind can make obvious damage, there are other types of damage which may not be noticeable until making an inspection of the roofs external and internal cavity. Clearing any debris from the weather event is essential in mitigating further damage to your property – and allows you to inspect whether there is any noticeable damage to the roof.

Check for cracked tiles or water damage in the internal ceiling – which will give way to hints of potential damage to your roof line. If there is damage, use a professional to repair any issues.


Animals can also cause roofing damage and there isn’t much we can do about it. Possums will often make home in roofs, making holes in roofs and eaves, damaging electrical wiring and insulation in the ceiling cavity. Outside of the obvious noise issues, urine can often be seen staining ceilings or running down walls – so look for these obvious signs. Rats and mice can also cause similar damage. Legislative requirements mean that you will need to engage a pest remover to handle the safe removal of possums, and other vermin can generally be baited or poisoned. In either case you still need to be sure to plug the point of entry into your roof, so this doesn’t become a reoccurring issue.

Roof maintenance

Neglecting your roof fundamentally however remains the largest risk to your roof from a safety and aesthetic perspective. Simple consistent maintenance of your guttering, downpipes and checking for damage to the roofing material can stop small problems becoming large ones. If you do find any damage – use a roofing professional who can fix any issues for the long term.

If you’re purchasing a new home, ensure you organise a building inspection which will cover the structural integrity of your roof, guttering and drainage systems.

If you need your roofline updated – contact Best Price Roofing to find out how you can update the look and appeal of your tiled roofing.