Roof Cleaning

Best Price Roofing can help clean your roof to improve the look and lifespan of your roof

Professional roof cleaning enhances the appearance of Adelaide homes

One of the clear benefits of high pressure roof cleaning in Adelaide, other than from an appearance perspective, is that it will significantly prolong the lifespan if performed semi regularly. Dirt is the common culprit, which then absorbs moisture. This damp environment is then ideal for the thriving of moss and lichen; frequently an inhabitant of older roofs. This growth and build up can interrupt proper drainage of rainwater, as well as cracking and weakening the roof tiles themselves. Damage of this sort often means that the insulation capabilities of the home are decreased. These dangers are known to insurers, which is why some may threaten to cancel a policy if a roof has descended into particularly poor condition.

Roof cleaning is essential when resealing or recoating your roof in Adelaide

Perhaps the most common reason that residents opt for a reliable roof cleaning service in Adelaide is that their original roof looks unsightly. A good clean will blast away much of that grime that naturally gathers on the roof. If there is still significant discolouration, then your roof will be in the ideal condition to be repainted. Roof cleaning is an essential primary process for those looking to reseal or recoat. Without an effective clean, the new coat will firstly be textured and rough as it has not been laid upon a smooth surface, and secondly it will likely bubble as the coat will not be able to adequately adhere. Start fresh with a proper clean and ensure that the work you have done lasts for a long time.

We utilise high tech equipment to achieve quality roof cleaning results in Adelaide

Best Price Roofing is committed to delivering the best service to our customers, which is only possible with some of the most advanced industry equipment. These devices allow our technicians to perform their tasks more precisely in a shorter period of time, meaning that we can be of as little inconvenience to you as possible. During our various cleaning stages, we utilise both a high and low pressure sprayer to remove any grit or contaminants, without damaging the roof itself. These high quality tools are combined with some effective chemicals to offer the most thorough clean. The algaecide over the entire roof kills even those organisms that we cannot see with the naked eye, ensuring your new roof will be free from contaminants. Roofs are constantly exposed to the elements, and rainfall will mean any moss or lichen will thrive. For this reason, using a chemical treatment is essential. Our membranes are of the highest quality, and applied generously so we can be confident that our work will have no weaknesses.

A meticulous roof cleaning service in Adelaide is a smart and affordable alternative to an entirely new restoration or roof replacement. The roof makes up approximately 40 percent of the home’s exterior, and so one that is in bad condition will significantly lower the appeal. Do yourself a favour and invest in a thorough roof cleaning procedure in Adelaide. The experienced and knowledgeable team at Best Price Roofing will be glad to carry out an initial inspection of your property.

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